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NetFlix’s miniseries Godless is set in the Wild West and brings with it the wildness of the time with its extraordinary outlaws, led by Jeff Daniels, who plays priest Frank Griffin.

The series was created by Scott Frank, who has also directed the series, featuring several actors familiar from other TV series.  The series stars Jeff Daniels, Michelle Dockery, Jack O’Connell, Scoot McNairy, Merritt Wever, Thomas Brodie-Snagster, Sam Waterston and Tantoo Cardinal.  The age limit for the series has been set at 16, which is not at all wrong, which is already what the first part showed. The miniseries covers seven episodes ranging in lengths ranging from 41 minutes to 80 minutes and the first episode of the series, “An Incident at Creede,” lasted 70 minutes.

Nowadays, when there’s a lot of supply, the first episode already has to offer viewers some reason why you should watch the series at the end. The first episode of the Ungodly was even too slow-paced, and at the beginning the series took off with too many loose sub-stories, which were then gradually started to parse – we haven’t watched the other episodes yet either, but since decisions about the follow-up are often made on the basis of one episode, this time we’re already making a review at this point.

The ungodly draw a Wild West world in front of me, where a “mad” pastor leads his troop of more than 30 bandits from one mining village to another, robbing them until, in Creede, they are not enough to rob them, for they are robbed. In reality, this is the beginning of the whole Ungodly miniseries, which also introduces viewers to the small mining town of Belle, where there are not really any men – the men had died in a mining accident.

Setting in place the basis of the first episode’s more than an hour’s report gives the viewer a reason to keep watching. If you’re a fan of Wild West movies, this series promises the basics: horses, love, drama, fast bets and gunpowder. There are also sheriffs who, even in their own lives, have problems, which are presented in the bylines, and that large band of bandits looking for their lost loot.

The series was produced just before the corona and was released in 2017.

Here’s one of the miniseries shooting scenes as Goode meets the pastor’s crew

Oscar winner Soderbergh will serve as executive producer of the western, described as epic, and oscar and Golden Globe nominee Scott Frank, who will also serve as director, will be responsible for the screenplay.

We recommend the series, and we’ll get back to you after we’ve watched all the episodes.


Now that we’ve watched the whole series, we can recommend it as long as you don’t watch the series too seriously… it is, however, a figment of the imagination and must be dealt with and viewed from it. WE RECOMMEND!

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