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Hell on Wheels is an HBO series about building a railroad across the United States. After all, construction began almost immediately after the civil war, and the great idea was to annex the West and east and, at the same time, to bring north and south closer together in a war-torn country. The series consists of a total of five seasons and all seasons can be seen, even in the tube. However, each episode is less than an hour long and there are ten or more episodes in the season, so very quickly this series is not viewed through. In addition, as an instruction: don’t miss a single episode if you want to know what’s going on.

Cast Guard

The series began in 2011 and includes Anson Mount, Colm Meaney, Dominique McElligott, Ben Esler and Philip Burke. In many television productions, the Cast is a professional professional, and the entire series is characterised by solid skill and quality in both filming and actors. There’s a lot of excitement and events and history narrative on the sidelines, even though this series is definitely not a documentary!

Season One began in 1865, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The second season covered 1866, the third and fourth in 1867, and the last season went all the way to 1869.

From tent bar to saloon and casino

One of the main characters in the series, however, not the main character Cullen Bohannon himself, but our own favourite Mickey McGinnes, starts in the series with his brother Sean McGinnes. The brothers have come to America to escape English domination and famine from Ireland. If we are more interested in online casinos at the moment, then Hell on Wheels shows us how casinos developed in the past. The McGinnes brothers’ business began with the display of pictures in a tent to make land deals for the people following the railroad.

However, the 1860s were not a peaceful time for businessmen, and for the railway workers, hell on Wheels was a travelling city, a bit like nomads, and the city was always demolished, packed and moved in accordance with the progress of the railway. There was no sheriff in the city, or law, other than the railroad’s own, and everyone who tried to do business at Hell on Wheels was in one way or another in contact with the railroad owners and their various projects, which in modern times could not withstand sunlight, as they did not in the 1860s.

As the years and the railroad progresses, the McGinnes brothers will have one thing and another, but they will also start bar operations and the first game was a card game, poker. Poker tables had a very Wild West-style right and they didn’t always leave the table alive during the series. After the poker tables, the bar became a wheel of fortune and was gradually at casino level, and over time the tent had become a real bar building, with McGinnes running a brothel upstairs. By this point, the brothers’ roads had already gone their separate ways and the bar/casino/brothel was run by Mickey McGinnes. There were other games that can be found and heard when the series is being followed.

On the construction of the railway

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The film is a diverse look at 1860s America. Cullen Bohannon, a former Southern colonel, begins his adventure as a revenge expedition and finds himself drifting a little against his own will to work on the railways.  The other main character, Thomas C. Durant, is based on a real person who was actually the boss of union pacific railroad (UP) and developing the Credit Mobilier company and its manifold financial intricacies. In the film, Durant does one thing or another to make money for both himself and his railroad, and the number of opponents in the final episodes is no longer known to anyone. The relationship between Durant and Bohannon is quite a love-hate relationship that lasts all five seasons with all its colorful phases.

The construction of the railway is progressing, even though there are Indians, mountains, hard winters and illnesses on the way. Not forgetting the strikes, the bandits, the robberies, the shootings. At the same time, as the railroad progresses, American life also moves towards the West, and along the railroad tracks new cities emerge, of which Cheyenne is one of the most featured in the series. Both irish workers, freed slaves and labour imported from China are involved, and of course the series also takes a stand in its own way on the conditions and differences in the workforce of that time, which was to be a former slave, Chinese or white – also in the eyes of the law.

Hell on Wheels review

If you like the Wild West and the longer series, Hell on Wheels is recommended to watch. Its different seasons always bring something new to people, and people also change reasonably often, because life in the vicinity of the railway was not the easiest. The film gives its own description of life in the 1860s and its challenges as development is taken forward in a country where only the original Indians lived. Indians also get their voices out, but as we know from history, indian opinions didn’t matter in the end.

The series also tells about playing poker, card tricks, winning and losing. We’re going to make a strong recommendation to the series.

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